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The Connecticut Colleges Purchasing Group (CCPG) is a professional organization of procurement professionals from both private and public institutions of higher education within the state of Connecticut.
In the dynamic and pivotal industry of higher education, procurement organizations are promoting their value proposition and supporting their institutions like never before.
CCPG assists its membership in doing so by providing a platform for sharing information, sharing and establishing contracts, and providing professional development opportunities. This allows members to provide a greater value to their organization, and ultimately to their stakeholders.

Our Philosophy

CCPG promotes the facilitation of sharing of best practices, information and contracts, and professional development opportunities to its members, allowing them to continue to add value to their respective schools and institutions.

Our History

Originally formed in 1985 as a voluntary association of fifteen (15) private institutions of higher education in Connecticut, in June of 1996 membership was opened to State of Connecticut public institutions, resulting in a total of 38 members.


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